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- Cute frog sign! Do you only see kids?

We see everyone! we are a full service general dental office which focuses on being welcoming and friendly towards all, including children. We like to think we are different from other offices by not pushing expensive or highly involved treatment. If there is work to be done, you will be presented with options to suit your budget and expectations, have all your questions answered, and then the choice will be yours!

- When should I bring my child to the dentist?

The Middlesex-London Health Unit, Canadian Dental Association and American Academy of Pediatrics all recommend that a child be seen shortly after the first tooth is visible, and before their first birthday. Byron Family Dental offers an interactive one on one "first tooth first visit" appointment for babies which serves to introduce your child to the dentist early, paving the way for positive experiences in the future. This appointment also gives you valuable tips and information which you can use to make sure you are doing all that you can to prevent dental problems in your little one. Call the office for more details.

- I have heard that teeth are more sensitive after receiving white fillings. Is this true?

Not necessarily. Early composite resin fillings tended to contract after setting which could lead to sensitivity, however technological advances in dental materials has led to filling materials which resist this contraction. While they do involve a few steps to place properly, a tooth with a white filling should not result in long term sensitivity. That being said, sometimes the depth of the filling or condition of the tooth in question could increase the chances of sensitivity occurring. Dr. mailman will discuss this with you if you fall into this category.

- I heard that white fillings aren't that strong. Is this true?

No. As noted above, technological advances in these materials have improved their strength immensely.

- I have a fear of the dentist! The Laughing gas will knock me out right?

Relax! It is normal to be a bit apprehensive before a dental appointment. Allowing a stranger two handed access to your mouth with some funny instruments can be a bit unnerving for some. It should be noted however that Nitrous Oxide is a mild sedative, meaning it gives one a relaxing, slightly euphoric feeling but does not "put you asleep". You will still be conscious and present during the appointment, and a certain calmness and willingness to work together with us is required to get the most out of it. It is very safe,you will leave the appointment feeling no ill effects, and you will be able to drive yourself home or return to work. It can be great for kids who are cooperative but a little nervous to have that filling or two done.

- Why bother doing a root canal? don't they just break or have to be taken out soon anyway?

A root canal is done in order to save a tooth from extraction or to prevent potentially serious symptoms. usually a tooth that needs a root canal already has a large filling or large cavity to begin with, and when the living tissue is removed from the inside, you end up with a more fragile situation. That is why a dentist will usually suggest you protect the investment you make in a root canal with a crown.

- What is a crown, and why do I need it?

A crown goes one step further than a filling. It is a tooth coloured restoration which resembles a wholenatural tooth, but is hollow on the inside (hence the nickname "cap") After a tooth is reduced all the way around, it is cemented on top permanently. This gives your tooth resistance to breakage or cracking, and is recommended in cases where teeth have large fillings or small cracks in an effort to avoid root canals or extractions. It is also strongly recommended following a root canal to give a tooth back some of the strength it lost.

- What exactly is a dental implant and what is involved?

Simply put, a dental implant is a prosthetic replacement for a natural tooth. They are also commonly used to provide dentures with unbeatable retention, to allow you to eat, speak and smile with ease!

An implant is actually a very conservative method to replace teeth since no other teeth are used or involved in the process. It is placed in nearly the exact position as the natural root of a tooth within the bone, thus preserving that bone which ultimately will resorb or "melt" away with time as we see with other treatment options. Once the bone has healed around the implant adequately, we are ready to attach your new tooth or denture on top!

What you are left with is a durable and cosmetically pleasing long term restoration which closely mimics what nature intended and requires only basic maintenance. It is the only tooth replacement option which actually preserves your valuable bone, thus maintaining the position of other teeth and providing support for the soft tissue of our facial structures for an overall esthetic appearance.

If you would like to learn more, Dr. Mailman would be happy to provide a consult to discuss how this exciting branch of dentistry can help you!
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